Aventuras con mi Latinidad and Femininity

If you haven’t noticed already, I have not been making this blog a priority. I have started a few posts since the last, but haven’t seen any to the end because I’ve been working super hard at my day job and trying to keep my sanity as we enter a year not having a placeContinue reading “Aventuras con mi Latinidad and Femininity”

Drill Training Adventures

Being a female in a male dominated industry can be tricky. I can be classified as conceited or become one of the guys…I’m not conceited and definitely not a guy. I spent most of last week out of town attending a drill training being hosted in our corporate office and given by a very qualifiedContinue reading “Drill Training Adventures”

Comparing Ventures

Life has been busy; I can’t believe we are closer to the end of October than the beginning. I feel like October just started, time really does fly after a certain age, I think mostly because we are in the motion and habit of things and before we know it, we look up and itsContinue reading “Comparing Ventures”

I Can And I Will V

Did I ever mention why I started this post that is taking me forever to finish? On Friday I will be taking my Fundamentals of Geology exam, the first step to becoming a licensed professional geologist. I’m the worst procrastinator of life, no idea how I have made it this far, even now as IContinue reading “I Can And I Will V”

I Can and I Will

This week marks five years of being done with school; August 5th was the anniversary of passing my defense and August 10th is the anniversary of submitting my thesis and being completely done. Those days seem like a faint memory, I remembered because Facebook thinks it is important to remind us of the things weContinue reading “I Can and I Will”