March Madness and Marching On Ventures

 I feel like I always end up in the same place where I get busy and I keep thinking I need to write a blog post. I really need to be better about it especially since the whole reason I started actually came to fruition recently. I started this blog as a business for tax deductions because I forever have to pay taxes when I feel like I seriously don’t have any extra money. Alex, being the entrepreneur that he is, kept recommending that I open a business and that it doesn’t even have to be profitable because you can claim losses on your business for three years. The worst that could happen is that I try a business doing things I was already going to do and get some deductions; the best that can happen is that I’m actually profitable in that business. I finally listened to him last year, so here I am!

I’m not happy about the smug look on his face when he said I told you so, but I am glad that I finally listened to him because it paid off.  I was able to claim my home office space, a percentage of my cell phone bill, internet service cost, office supplies, etc. even though I didn’t make any money yet. It just makes sense to always have some kind of side hustle for deductions, it gets pretty crazy when you start reading all the things you can deduct even with just a sole proprietorship that cost me less than $25 to set up. Now I just need to be consistent about writing these posts!

I do wonder why I haven’t been able to sit and get one of these done and I know why, it’s because I’m either working way too hard or partying way too hard, I can’t find a good in-between.  I’m an achiever, so I tend to overcommit and take on everything I can at work, especially because I’m still new in my industry and I want all the experience I can get. No matter how miniscule or huge a job is, I am always down to get it done. Having a deadline and finishing something huge makes me feel alive, I know that sounds dumb, but I love the feeling of accomplishment, it’s a high I’m always chasing. The downside is that as soon as I accomplish something, it’s like okay, what’s next? Meaning I’m just like Alexander and Angelica…I can never be satisfied because I want to chase the next best thing. That is until I get burned out and decide I don’t want to do anything and veg out with snacks, wine, and mind numbing tv or something similar. Between working extremely hard and being a vegetable, it’s hard to dedicate time to things that I’m only accountable to myself for, like this blog post and my laundry. All I can do is try to be better and even though I fall short sometimes, the only thing I can do is get up and start again.

Just FYI, I have not even vegged out this month, it has actually been full of accomplishments, like getting employee of the month, my 1 year anniversary at work, being on my first podcast, faced fear when I climbed a questionable ladder to get to a questionably “stable area” in a no access part of our warehouse, got to get my boots dirty more than once, and finished and submitted a substantial bid amongst other boss moves! I also got to host family members two weekends in a row! I’m not making excuses, just sharing what I’ve been up to and trying not to feel so bad for being human and choosing days of comradery with family instead of blog posts.

Lastly, its actually kind of difficult to choose what to write about because I feel like the blog posts that people actually read were the juicy ones, the ones I talked about my ex husband. I really go back and forth with wanting to share all that because part of me feels like I need to get over it. Not that I’m still missing him or want to be with him because I don’t, I am very happy in life, I just wonder if I should still think about him as much as I do years later. It is just wild to me to spend 10 years with someone as your best friend and partner who knows everything about you and you know everything about them and then suddenly you just have to go through life not knowing anything about them anymore. I will keep telling that story though, stay tuned.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is d2bd42aa-864d-43a0-8f31-834dd4ce838c.jpg
Just a few pictures from this month so far. Looking cute at work; snacks and tequila from brunch with my brother and his family; a screenshot of part of my employee of the month email; me sitting dirty and terrified on top of the warehouse world; a site I visited; and my boots & dirty car mat.

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