2020 Adventures

I know I’m not the only person pretty hyped about the new year, not because I’m doing anything awesome and cool, honestly i might be sleeping before the clock strikes midnight tonight. This year just brought so much, that its only as testament to how drastic a year can be, for better or for worst. At the end of last year, i definitely did not see myself here today. I’m starting this blog during my lunch at work because I told myself if I didn’t at least start, I wasn’t going to do it and let alone finish this blog entry tonight.

New Years Eve has been pretty similar the last few years, I wake up early to make pigs in a blanket to take to work because its always a half day at the bank and we usually have an informal potluck for the end of the year. I get out of work and head home to get something ready to take over to my friend Angie’s house, where I have welcomed the New Years basically since I met her. Text Alex happy new year while I watch the fireworks outside of Angie’s house and then head home to sleep. I wake up next to Alex in the new year and we get ready to host brunch for our friends. If I haven’t mentioned it before, Alex is also a musician, so he usually plays somewhere on New Years Eve and that is why I text him happy new year instead of telling him.

This year I still made pigs in a blanket for work, but since our office has a full kitchen, I was able to make them in the office instead of home. It is not a half day, I work my regular hours but I couldn’t be more thrilled to be here as I reflect on the year. At the end of last year my friend Alyssa shared the idea of setting our goals for the year by decorating a box with images of our goals and placing it somewhere we can see and then write a letter each month that talks about what we have done in that month to work towards those goals and place it in the box to read at the end of the year. I don’t normally visually or physically set goals, they are just thoughts in my head, but I decided to give it a try.

The pictures that represented my goals for 2020.

I got as far as selecting and printing the images to my goals…they never made it to a box and I definitely never wrote a letter, but i did stick the images where I would come across them every morning as i selected what accessories to wear for the day. I know it being a new year doesn’t really change anything, nothing magical happens when the clock strikes midnight, but its a good time to feel like a fresh start. Last year I was very intentional and specific about what I wanted to do. I didn’t just think about what I wanted to do, I printed it out, I talked about it with my friend and came up with a game plan on how I was going to make it happen and how I was going to track and hold myself accountable for it. The best plan is having a great partner like Alex and great friends like Alyssa that celebrate your successes with you, but don’t let you stay still and always ask what is next.

I heard someone say that people in our proximity set our standards, so always surround yourself with people who feed your energy and help make you stronger. Don’t surround yourself with people that just talk about the good old times, but people that talk about the great times to come. Surround yourself with people who have goals and plans for the future, that feed your energy, not people who are constantly draining that energy. I’m blessed to be surrounded by great people who help me be my best self and who I hope I’m helping in their journey too.

A breakdown of my 2020 goals, lets see how i did:

1. The first picture is a geologist because I wanted to be get closer to fulfilling my dream of getting paid to be a geologist. I left the bank after 9+ years, started with an environmental engineering firm, and got my Geoscientist in Training certificate. This is the biggest win and I do have to say it was a combination of consistently working towards it and always having Alex and friends ask me how it was going. Did you know this same year I got hired by my company, I also got rejected by them for the initial position I applied for? As cheesy as it sounds, keep going, if you don’t ask, the answer is always going to be no, give it chance to be yes

I’m one step closer to being a geologist!

2. The second picture is two figures high-fiving because i wanted to build and strengthen my relationships. Who knew how hard this year was going to make high-fiving my loved ones, but the thing about the year is that if you wanted to stay connected to people, you really did need to make time and work on it in different ways than before. Highlight was really getting a chance to connect with Alex in a heighten level, its weird to say that before this year because of his music gigs, we hardly spent a Friday or Saturday evening together, but it was nice getting to share that time with him and build on everything we have. We renovated our restroom and got our first piece of property together, the Disco.

Doing backcountry driving in Big Bend National Park.
Backcountry in Big Bend National Park.

3. The third picture is a figure pointing at a watch because I’m perpetually late and wanted to work on being early or at minimum on time for things. I did get better at this because i work way further from home now, but it is still a work in progress, this year it will be more about time management than just being on time.

The one time i was running late to work with the soap I had found and my coffee, i tripped and fell in the curve outside the office. Electricians across the street laughed at me and i had no coffee 😦

4. Scout was still fairly new to my life at the beginning of last year and I was at the peak of being upset about it, so the fourth picture is me choosing to focus on training Scout. I really wanting to take her to training classes, but these got canceled early in the year because of the pandemic, but with some reading and YouTube learning, we are doing better.

Scout made it to a year old, but hasn’t settled down any, work in progress, but we love her!

5. The fifth picture is someone writing because I wanted to start writing. Initially I just thought about keeping a journal, but I ended up with this blog. I have not been as consistent as I wanted to be, but I’m happy that I’ve done some writing, this new year I will focus on being more consistent.

6. The sixth picture represents reading more, which is the item I’m most sad I didn’t do enough of. I read to catch up on knowledge involving my work duties and then read to study for the fundamentals of geology exam, so I didn’t get to read the type of books I wanted. Time management is going to be key to making time to read.

7. I’ve always wanted to keep a picture perfect house, so the 7th image was to focus more on keeping up with cleaning. Our house isn’t filthy, but it definitely looks lived in during the week. Both Alex and I are so busy during the week that this didn’t always happen, but messiness is a sign of intelligence, so its all good right?!

8. The 8th is a figure running because I wanted to work on my running. I’ve never been super fit, but I’m not sedentary by any means. Its always been hard for me to breath while running, but i had got to the point where I could run 1 or 2 miles without stopping, which was huge for me, so I had a goal of running my first 5K which was scheduled for April, but it got canceled.

9. Erasing debt is my 9th picture; this is something that will carry over for a while between student debt and debt I obtain when I decided to divorce. I’ve been blessed to be able to have a job that allows me to chip away at this and I will continue to work on this, hopefully more than I have in the last year.

10. The tenth was more sleep, log story short, I still need more sleep! I do go to bed by 10pm these days, but I also tend to wake up at 4ish, so its been counterproductive. So I spend 2 hours of my day trying to go back to sleep, this is something I will forever be working on.

11. The last picture represented to get outside more and do more camping. I did take a minimum of one long walk or hike a week and even got to camp a few times! I love everything about being outside, so I really don’t have to work that hard at achieving this.

Lake Whitney State Park camping with the family.
Breakfast at our campsite in Guadalupe Mountains National Park!
Had to stop for a selfie in the middle of our hike.
Santa Helena Canyon in Big Bend National Park.
Permian Reef Trail in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

This year I’m keeping on keeping on and adding one more thing. I want to focus on allowing myself to be happy and learning to say no to things that don’t help me or my loved ones get where we want and need to be. Time management is key to this, allocating my time to things that truly make me happy and serve a purpose I can get behind.

Happy New year!

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