Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Love is in the air…if not love then definably a bunch of heart shaped balloons and flowers. Sometimes I feel like I am broken. I asked Alex this weekend if he was okay being with me even if I am not “head over heels” for him. I’m sure many people would think I’m being mean or harsh talking to him that way, but I pride myself in always being genuine about my feelings with him and I know that we are both adults that can have a meaningful conversation without getting hurt and angry (most of the time).

Especially during this past year of living with his parents, it has been easy to get caught up in everyday life and neglect why we are even together. In an effort to do something nice and get us a bit of privacy and time together, Alex booked a spa day and weekend getaway for Valentine’s Day. I’m sure my reaction was not what he expected. Instead of being excited, I was immediately stressed out about the amount of money this was going to cost. I don’t like surprises. What if I was on my period that weekend? Did he consider that our car would need an oil change before we traveled, the cost of gas, the cost of food, the fact that we will need to spend quite a bit to furnish our new home in the near future?! Does he not want to get out of here and settled as soon as we can?! Long story short, I was not thrilled and excited about it. The years of issues and insecurities about money came crawling out and I did not want to go. I’ve always been uncomfortable spending money, even when I have it to spend, holding on to it just in case.

Alex has a “There is more where that came from” mentality, even if there isn’t more, he trusts that there will be. He never worries about anything. It frustrates the mess out of me because I worry about everything. After much debate, we decided to still have our weekend getaway, but opted for one less treatment at the spa and a nice, but more affordable hotel.

We went to a Korean spa in Katy, Texas called Spa World. Last year, Alex had seen a Tik Tok about Korean scrubbing, bought the scrub mitts, and we started scrubbing each other weekly. When we decided we wanted to get it done professionally, Spa World was the closest place we found, but we never scheduled it.

I’m so happy we finally went, 10 out of 10 would do again. We had the general admission and booked a Men’s Scrub Plus and Woman’s Scrub and Foot. The scrub was great, the numerous saunas were nice, but I think my favorite part was the bath/pool area experience. The bath area/spa pools are traditional, you must shower and be completely naked to use them. I was very uncomfortable and highly intimidated at first, covering myself and trying hard to look at anyone. Eventually I did start looking and noticing all the comfortable women around me. It became a positive experience being able to see women with bodies of every shape, size, and age be okay in their own skin in a non-sexual way. It was kind of empowering, by the end of the day I wasn’t walking around clinging to my towel. I got comfortable.

We had too many nachos and margaritas that evening at Jimmy Changas, best picadillo ever! Woke up to have Coffee Milk Tea at Long Coffee (this was so good we stopped to get it on our way back to SA too). Alex catered to my inner geology nerd by taking me to the Houston Museum of Natural Science followed by an impromptu wine picnic at Hermann Park. I remembered why I am with him. I love him and how we can just be together anywhere and have the best time, just the two of us. Cue Grover Washington, Jr.

Spa World has a cafe. Must admit this was the least impressive part of the spa, food was meh and pricey, will skip this next time we go.
I’m not sure what is going on with my face here. I guess I can’t just look happy and relaxed like Alex.
Looking refreshed leaving the spa. I think i showered like 5 times while at the spa!
Good Eats! Anytime we spot a waffle house, it is a must stop. Jalapeno butt cheeks on my nacho. Best coffee drink ever and yummy margaritas.
Favorite part of the museum was definitely energy city.
At the park watching Alex take a picture of our wine for this blog post! A cute duck posing for me 🙂
The picture Alex was taking.
Another picture of our handy carivino wine tumbler.

He even got me the perfect Valentine’s Day card this year, geology puns and all. ❤

I never get the time to make the cards I wish I could make for you each year but this one was to gneiss to pass up, I love you more each day and can only hope our love builds something as strong and eternal as the rocks that build our world. I lava you very much!

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