I Can And I Will V

Did I ever mention why I started this post that is taking me forever to finish? On Friday I will be taking my Fundamentals of Geology exam, the first step to becoming a licensed professional geologist. I’m the worst procrastinator of life, no idea how I have made it this far, even now as IContinue reading “I Can And I Will V”

I Can and I Will IV

It’s no surprise that shortly after I started school, he lost his job at the appliance store, except this time his brother lost his job too and with neither of them working, we had to vacate the apartment. I was still working at Handy Andy, but those $8 an hour didn’t go very far towardsContinue reading “I Can and I Will IV”

I Can and I Will II

I graduated May 2007, moved to San Antonio that graduation weekend, and was married June 9, 2007. It’s really crazy to think about that time in my life without having a “what were you thinking?’ Edward James Olmos as Abraham Quintanilla in the Selena movie moment. I moved to San Antonio with nothing with someoneContinue reading “I Can and I Will II”

My Venture with Scout II

I cried my whole way home from work today… I cried because I felt mentally drained in that moment. I’ve been busy with work and things that come up in life, all the while keeping in the back of my mind that I needed to write a blog post because I told myself I wouldContinue reading “My Venture with Scout II”

My Quick Venture With Appliance Repair

Sometimes I don’t think I make enough money for everything I do at work, but you know who really didn’t make enough money for all the work he did? My dad. I spent part of my day today, in my dad’s shoes. Let me explain. Today is Sunday so I spent part of my dayContinue reading “My Quick Venture With Appliance Repair”

I Can and I Will

This week marks five years of being done with school; August 5th was the anniversary of passing my defense and August 10th is the anniversary of submitting my thesis and being completely done. Those days seem like a faint memory, I remembered because Facebook thinks it is important to remind us of the things weContinue reading “I Can and I Will”

My First Adventure: Marriage at 17

I got married when I was seventeen. Looking back and thinking about seventeen year olds today, I know this age is way too young to get married. Honestly, I think twenty something is way too young to get married now, but don’t tell a young naïve Nancy that, don’t tell her that thirty year oldContinue reading “My First Adventure: Marriage at 17”