Compromise, a Risky Venture?

I’ve been thinking a lot about my ex-husband and compromise lately. After almost ten years of being together and lots of compromises, we did not work out. I’m fully aware compromise is part of any relationship, but I think there are healthy ways and toxic ways. My compromises with my ex were usually toxic, theyContinue reading “Compromise, a Risky Venture?”

March Madness and Marching On Ventures

 I feel like I always end up in the same place where I get busy and I keep thinking I need to write a blog post. I really need to be better about it especially since the whole reason I started actually came to fruition recently. I started this blog as a business for taxContinue reading “March Madness and Marching On Ventures”

Texas Winter Storm “Adventure”

I had all intentions of having a new blog written by the 15th of this month because I have given myself a more realistic schedule of two blogs a month, unfortunately, I missed my deadline because of the absurd week we had in Texas. It really was ridiculous and nothing I could have imaged afterContinue reading “Texas Winter Storm “Adventure””

Drill Training Adventures

Being a female in a male dominated industry can be tricky. I can be classified as conceited or become one of the guys…I’m not conceited and definitely not a guy. I spent most of last week out of town attending a drill training being hosted in our corporate office and given by a very qualifiedContinue reading “Drill Training Adventures”

El Otro Lado Ventures

I was having an existential crisis during my drive home on Wednesday, 1/6/2021. It was hard to get out of a mundane day at work and scroll through my phone and see everything that had been going on while I worked. Nothing makes you feel like a minuscule tiny worker ant in this world moreContinue reading “El Otro Lado Ventures”

2020 Adventures

I know I’m not the only person pretty hyped about the new year, not because I’m doing anything awesome and cool, honestly i might be sleeping before the clock strikes midnight tonight. This year just brought so much, that its only as testament to how drastic a year can be, for better or for worst.Continue reading “2020 Adventures”

My Favorite Christmas Memory

Everyday this month, our company CEO has been sending out emails related to Christmas, most of them have to do with Safety because this is the time of year we see an increase in accidents. Some of the emails have been fun, for example the one where he asked for people to share their favoriteContinue reading “My Favorite Christmas Memory”

Thanksgiving Ventures

I’ve been living my life these last few days trying not to trip over Christmas decorations, as I tried to transition from Fall to Christmas décor. I told myself I was going to work over the long thanksgiving weekend because my bid is due this week and I still have quite a few tasks toContinue reading “Thanksgiving Ventures”

Busy Bee Ventures

I don’t have to say that life has been crazy, we all know it’s been unprecedented times (9 months into the pandemic) and that maybe these crazy times or maybe the heat from global warming has made people act a bit crazier than usual. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I’ve been too busy with workContinue reading “Busy Bee Ventures”

Comparing Ventures

Life has been busy; I can’t believe we are closer to the end of October than the beginning. I feel like October just started, time really does fly after a certain age, I think mostly because we are in the motion and habit of things and before we know it, we look up and itsContinue reading “Comparing Ventures”